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Shelly's Bio:


Life is FAR from a fairy tale! Experiencing life's twists and turns make for an incredible and inspiring story when God is allowed to stay in control. My name is Shelly Roberts and I've been married to David for over twenty years. Together we are parents of eight children, having now gained status of being parents of adult children and grandparents. 

Although we don't always understand God's reasons, we've been taught He is faithful and takes care of His children - no matter what our circumstance - there is always hope to be found. Serving on the mission field, working in the adoption community, and living life as a mom of eight {some of who are medically complex}, we've experienced the highs and lows of life. Our children have taught me what it really means to live and love, greater than I ever knew before.

Through these experiences, God has stirred a passion within me to be an advocate for orphans and vulnerable children without a voice and an encourager and prayer warrior for families, leading hearts to the One who is bigger than our circumstances.

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