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A Little About Us~

We have three grown sons {2 of them now married},

our five-pack at home and some grandbabies in the mix.

While our life is completely different than we ever

planned, it is deeper and richer than we could ever have



A few years back, God called us to serve right

in our own back yard with becoming foster parents. 

Through that journey we've been radically changed - for

the good. A little girl came into our lives and taught us

what it means to really live and love. She was to be

"just passing through", but is now ours forever. She

opened our eyes up to the needs of some of the most

vulnerable children and paved the way for two more to join us. Life is anything but ordinary here and we're so glad. People often say "our hands are full", but a side perk is that there's really no time to get bored or into much trouble. 

Some days are hard and scary and sad, yet in the midst of all that there's always beauty and blessings to be found. If there's one thing we've learned it's that each life is sacred and full of purpose. And no matter what circumstances we might find ourselves in ... there is always HOPE.

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