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31 Nuggets of Hope

Over the years, as Shelly has walked with countless adoptive families, she has heard their hearts.  She is well acquainted with the unique challenges and heavy burdens that adoptive and foster moms face.  As a fellow adoptive mom, she understands their fears and trials, and has great compassion for their needs.  Even more than that, she is deeply connected to the One who offers HOPE in the midst of it all.  It is her passion to pour that HOPE into the hearts of moms who have said YES to the Fatherless.  

In this book, Shelly sheds light on the abounding HOPE available to these moms, their families and the children to whom they said YES.  Nugget by nugget, you will be drawn to the source of all HOPE.  You will come away deeply encouraged and better equipped to care for the needs of your family.  You will be reminded that you do not walk this journey alone.

You can get a copy of 31 Nuggets on Amazon or by emailing

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